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video editor or script writer

remuneración: The pay depends on the number of views. Anywhere from 20 to 100 dollars for 2000 words script.

Looking for a talented video editor or script writer who has the ability to edit 1-2 videos or write 1-2 scripts a week for my NBA, NFL, and soccer based YouTube channel, here are my criteria:
1) You MUST be passionate about the NBA and basketball, the NFL and football, or soccer. it is crucial to our partnership together. My videos involve me sending you a commentary about a specific subject, and I expect the editor to be capable of ripping correlative footage from the internet onto the project. If you have no knowledge of the NBA, NFL, or soccer you will struggle to do this.

2) The content must be engaging, YouTube provides me with viewer retention reports and I do check these reports consistently.

3) The ability to edit 1-3 videos per week.

Editors will also be paid bonuses if their content reaches specific milestones (for example: If a video hits 100,000 views you will be paid extra)

If you are interested in this position, please leave samples of your work down below.

NOTE: If you are only proficient in either the NBA, NFL, or Soccer that's fine as well, just let me know which niche you'd prefer to work in.

Method: Before we continue I must warn you that the way my videos are produced are a little unorthodox. I usually provide the editor with the voice memo and sometimes a script and rely on the editor to compile footage from the internet and integrate it into the content in a way that correlates with the audio. Are you comfortable with that? Essentially, this is what we're going for:
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