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American editor/proofreader 100 hours $400 to $600 (Montverde)

remuneración: 100 hours $400 to $600 or internship if you don't have the experience

We are a nonprofit organization offering an online writing position paying $900 to $1200 a month for 100 hours.

You work from home using a time tracker.
You read articles that were written by scholars with English as a second language.
You edit the articles on Google Docs in the best academic language.

It's possible to work less or more hours and get paid accordingly.

Two options:

Provide us with a resume and links to articles you have written professionally (publishing articles 5+ times a month with readers and followers).

If you don't have and you need an internship, let us know. The internship is 350 hours and you can build your resume on it. We accept only one or two that are talented and fast.

If you don't speak American English on a daily language, we have a different program: $350 to $500 a month full time job
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