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Do you own a rental property? Save money on water. Coin Machine

Are you a landlord?

Do you have a rental property that includes free use of your washer and dryer? Did you catch your tenant washing a pair of jeans with full water capacity? Or drying a piece of underwear for 60 minutes? They don't care because they don't pay the utilities. Its part of the rent. They can even invite their friends and relatives to do laundry in your property. For a landlord this is a headache specially now with skyrocketing water bills we face every month!

This coin conversion kit is the device you are waiting for. Stop the abuse and misuse of your laundry machines. If they have to pay every time they use it then you can sleep well at night. Aside from making money from the use of your machine, you are controlling the misuse and abuse which is your main concern. If for some reason you have to sell your rental property you can take the control panels with you and set up somewhere else again if you want too. Something you can keep not like a stand alone commercial laundry machines.

I have a solution for you. I can set up a coin operated timer to your washing or drying machine, doesn't matter what type and it cuts the power off when the time runs out. No need for expensive machines or service calls to fix them. Very simple set up, I also install them for you.

Fits 200 coins
No Electrician
Do it Yourself Installation
Money Back Guarantee
Coin Operated laundry washer & dryer,
Vehicle charging station,
Timed Massage chairs and more!

Contact me to find out more. - to order online! I am a trusted seller on Amazon.

Prices start at $270.

You will need 1 unit for the washer and 1 unit for the dryer.
Call me today and I can answer all your questions. I can save you money.

ver datos contacto and leave a message. I will call you back.

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