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Mexico City, Mexico


Talented, highly professional Executive Secretary, Administrative Assistant, ESL Teacher, Translator, and Sales Executive accomplished at many phases of:

Professional Technical Translation Experienced ESL Teaching Executive/Management Assistance
Secretarial/Clerical Support Personnel Administration/HR VIP/Client Interaction & Service
Long/Short-Term Planning Coordinating Media & PR Events Office/Business Administration

Extensive real-world experience, solid judgement and proven record of outstanding performance and superior results in coordinating/balancing business and personal agendas for high level, demanding executives. Adept at:

Media & Public Relations Troubleshooting/Problem-Solving Research, Tracking & Reporting
Scheduling & Prioritizing Personal Shopping & Errands Generating Correspondence
Internal/External Communications Coordinating Meetings & Events Planning/Arranging Conferences

Fluent and literate in English, Spanish, and basic Italian and French. Superior translation English-Spanish-English, and French to Spanish. Extensive work experience for International organisations/institutions and the water sector. 2 decades of ESL teaching experience.

Superior verbal, phone, interpersonal, conflict resolutions, teaming, communication and people skills. Well-organised and meticulous. Solid administrative, clerical, decision-making, problem/solving abilities. Assertive and focused, yet diplomatic and tactful with good common sense. Can relate to business professionals on all levels as well as people from diverse social, economic, cultural, educational and ethnic backgrounds.

Able to prevent or troubleshoot operational or administrative problems. Can diplomatically placate demanding people and high power executives and turn negative situations into positive business, social or PR opportunities
Adaptive, versatile and resourceful. Skilled at devising resourceful solutions to support goals and objectives while reducing costs/overhead. Accustomed to safeguarding sensitive financial, personal and proprietary information
Attentive to details. Can effectively coordinate several complex assignments simultaneously. Fast learner, quick thinker, flexible and open to new ideas.

Reliable, loyal, stable and trustworthy. Lifelong record of integrity, credibility, punctuality and superior standards. Innovative and conscientious with strong work ethics. Highly motivated and hard working with positive attitude. Eager to accept challenge and responsibility, quickly adaptive to diverse, fast-paced business environments. Cooperative team player, capable of working very well independently, with no supervision or support.


ESL Teaching

Education Institutions
2002 - 2010 - The Anglo

2002- Jun 2018 - Directors and staff of private companies and government sector such as:
National Association of Water and Sanitation Utilities of Mexico (ANEAS)
Mundo Joven Travel Shop
Among others

Translation work

2004 – June 2018 - National Association of Water and Sanitation Utilities of Mexico (ANEAS)
− ANEAS Website, English version
− Articles written by collaborators of the international water and sanitation sector for the "Water and
Sanitation" magazine published by ANEAS, Spanish version
− Speakers’ presentations for the Ibero-American Regulatory Fora, Spanish and English versions
− Exhibitor's Manuals as well as all correspondence, information, presentations and all relevant documents for
the ANEAS Annual Conventions, such as conferences, invitations, reports, programmes, bulletins, advertising,
record cards, etc., English and Spanish versions
− Documents and information related to the North America Programme for the World Water Fora, such as
general reports, consultative meetings, scheduling, presentations, registration forms, correspondence between
regional coordinators, etc., English and Spanish versions
− Submission documents of the Region of the Americas for Mexico’s participation in the triennial editions of the
World Water Forum organised by the World Water Council, English version
− All information and documents necessary to carry out the XVI World Water Congress: "Linking Science and
Policy", held in Cancun, Mexico, 2017, English and Spanish versions

2003 – 2016 National Water Commission (CONAGUA)
− International agreements, Bylaws, Studies, Memoranda of Understanding, institutional arrangements,
proposals, conceptual notes between Conagua and various international bodies, banks and governments, such
as the High Level Panel on Water, English and Spanish versions
− Terms of Reference for Awards, Proposals and International/Government Agreements, English and Spanish
− Reports on meetings between representatives/officials of national and international institutions, organisations,
governments and bodies, English and Spanish versions
− Biographical sketches, Curriculum Vitae and personal presentations for Conagua’s Directors and managers
− Support to the Director General on correspondence, agreements, meetings, presentations, courses,
participations, etc., at international level, English version
− Documents, presentations, agreements, and general information for Conagua’s website, English version
− Hacia un Posicionamiento de Gobernanza del Agua en México, Colmex-Conagua-Imta-Aneas, 2012, English
− "Water Platform of the Americas" Website
− Water Week Latin America Memoirs, held in Mexico City, 2014, English version
− Website, documents and information regarding the Mexican National Committee of the International
Hydrological Programme (CONAMEXPHI), English version, 2015
− International Cooperation Summary 2013 – 2014, printed by Conagua, 2014, English version

2010 – June 2018 WORLD WATER COUNCIL

− Biographical sketches, presentations, Keynote speeches, Spanish version
− Press Releases, Newsletters, Reports on the World Water Fora, Spanish version Council’s website in Spanish
“Increasing Resilience to Climate Variability and Change - The Roles of Infrastructure and Governance in the
− Context of Adaptation” Case studies from different countries, an evaluation of the WWC, Spanish version
− Enhancing Water Governance for Climate Resilience: Arizona, USA—Sonora, Mexico Comparative
Assessment of the Role of Reservoirs in Adaptive Management for Water Security (7. Scott & Lutz Reservoirs
Water Security WWC 31Dec2015) Spanish version.
− START WITH WATER: Putting water on local action agendas to support global change
(, Spanish version

2010 – June 2018 IWA, UNESCO, UN, EPA, WORLD BANK, among other institutions Books, studies, manuals, reports, research analysis, etc., such as:
− UN World Water Development Report 2018: Nature-based Solutions for Water. Spanish version.
− The IWA Principles for Water-Wise Cities
cities/#download_the_principles Spanish version.
− IWA’s webpage, Bylaws, press releases
− Water investment growth initiative - Overview. International Financial Corporation (IFC) World Bank Group,
Spanish version.
− Strengthening the financial system for water in Mexico: from a conceptual framework to the formulation of
pilot initiatives, World Bank, 2014, Spanish version,
− "Regulations for the General Classification of the Various Categories of Meetings convened by UNESCO,"
Manual of the General Conference, Spanish version
− Water, Megacities and Global Change: portraits of 15 emblematic cities of the world. UNESCO, ARCEAU Ile-
de-France, Spanish version.
− Effective Utility Management - A Primer for Water and Wastewater Utilities, June 2008, EPA, Spanish version

General Working Experience

Dec 2002-2004 - TargetMedia, Mexico City, Mexico
Sales Executive
Selected to manage promotion and growth of vital sponsors' accounts for sales of Internet publicity and PAY TV commercial airtime in networks.
Prevented/troubleshot customer problems to ensure total satisfaction
Planned, scheduled and coordinated promotional campaigns
Customer service for corporate decision-makers. Ensured comfort and support of clients and suppliers. Effectively interacted with reps from mass media such as TV and with publicity agencies

1999-2000 - CITY OF ASPEN, Aspen, CO
Administrative Assistant-Receptionist, City Clerk Office
Provided comprehensive administrative and secretarial support to City Clerk Office ́s personnel.
Coordinated communications. Handled multi-line phone system. Maintained accurate databases, expense reports and file records. Position required subtlety, superior people skills and organisational abilities, good judgement and common sense.

Translation of police records, data and arrests, as well as interpreter in court and police arrests and interrogations

1999-2000 HOTEL JEROME, Aspen, CO
Front Desk Agent & PBX operator
Courteously arranged and processed reservations for domestic and international travellers from diverse backgrounds. Prevented/troubleshot customer problems to ensure total satisfaction

January-December 1999 CITY OF ASPEN, Aspen, CO Translator
Translation of weekly Y2K articles. Spanish version

1993-1998 DISH TELEVISION NETWORK, Mexico City, Mexico
Sales Executive (3 years)
Selected to manage promotion and growth of 20 vital sponsors' accounts for sales of TV commercial airtime in largest market area for nation-wide network. Prevented/troubleshot customer problems to ensure total satisfaction.
Planned, scheduled and coordinated special multi-media promotional campaigns and all public relations events to enhance public exposure, build volume and profit, and maintain superior corporate image in community. Ensured comfort and support of clients and suppliers from around the world. Effectively interacted with reps from mass media such as TV, radio, newspapers, etc.

Assistant to the Director General (3 years)
Provided comprehensive administrative and secretarial support to demanding, high-power executive. Assisted in managing nation-wide network operations. Entrusted with significant responsibility to make routine decisions.
Planned, scheduled, organised and coordinated business meetings, conferences, social events, luncheons, travel itineraries and reservations to achieve executive objectives. Ensured superior comfort and cost-effectiveness.
Coordinated communications. Handled multi-line phone system. Screened calls/visitors, controlled access and scheduled appointments to make best use of daily time. Maintained accurate databases, expense reports and file records. Conducted research and generated on-line reports and charts for management overview to track expenses and facilitate strategic business decisions. Devised resourceful solutions and work around plans to meet goals and objectives. Recognised by management and major customers for going the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction, quality, accuracy and efficiency.

1992 AT&T ITSA MEXICO, Mexico City
Assistant to the President (1 year)
Key player and right hand person on cohesive, highly motivated staff team for division president of international telecommunications leader. Simultaneously scheduled, organised and coordinated business/personal agendas.
Many administrative, secretarial, planning, research, troubleshooting and public relations duties similar to above. Participated in all business activities to optimise use of executive calendar and allow him to do what he did best - think about the big picture. Frequently worked quietly, behind-the-scenes to provide maximum executive visibility. Applied diplomacy, tact and discretion to coordinate professional, social and personal agendas. Paced, guided and supported busy executive to maintain healthy balance of heavy work schedule, quality time and family time.

1990-1991 - DOWELL SCHLUMBERGER CORP, Mexico City
Assistant to Finance Director (2 years)
Managed business and personal agendas for top-level executive of distributor of drilling equipment and services for petroleum industry. Extensive planning, scheduling, problem-solving, troubleshooting and pro-active damage control. Efficiently organised, arranged and coordinated all business meetings, conferences, itineraries and reservations for business trips and vacations, training seminars, social events, parties, PR activities and promotions, etc. Selected to restructure and administer personnel actions and employee benefit programmes for staff of over 300. Streamlined procedures and improved methods, which reduced costs, enhanced efficiency and ensured quality.
Responsible for Mexican 401K/medical/insurance plans, vacation scheduling, transfers, travel arrangements/expenses and arrival, lodging and departures for international business executives and client/VIP visits. Administered corporate insurance for business liability, vehicles, buildings/property, capital assets and general equipment. Courteously interfaced with customers, insurance company administrators and corporate management worldwide. Position required subtlety, superior people skills and organizational abilities, good judgement and common sense.

1981-89 BANAMEX BANK, Mexico City
Secretary to Vice President/ Secretary to Regional Director (6 years)
Top-notch executive secretarial positions with responsibilities for managing professional and personal agendas similar to above for high-power executives managing most profitable region of one of the largest banks in Mexico
Supported Asia Regional Manager in directing Pacific Rim business. Efficiently organised visits from key accounts worldwide. Arranged and politely coordinated meetings in and out of office with customers from all walks of life.

Customer Service Executive (1year)
Specialised in servicing and managing select key accounts. Investigated and troubleshoot problems and resolved complaints. Provided timely, personalised assistance and support to make each customer feel most important.
Established relationships of trust and credibility. Trusted to authorise and control routine banking transactions. Generated outstanding correspondence in English. Maintained all related databases and file records. Extensive public relations to ensure complete satisfaction and account retention. Organised and administered office operations. Used people skills to soothe irritated, confused customers and resolve negative situations.

Human Resources Executive (1 year)
Recruited, interviewed and selected team of bank cashiers for 18 branches. Administered employee orientations, training, absences, vacations, promotions, terminations, salary increases, disciplinary actions, and assessments.

Public Relations Representative (1 year)
Written and verbal translation of English and Spanish to facilitate high-value international banking transactions. Acted as hostess at business meetings, luncheons and community events. Translated critical correspondence for senior executives and customers at main office headquarters. Maintained superior PR and corporate image.


The Anglo 2001
DELT-Diploma of English Language Teaching

Cultural Courses College (private American vocational School) 1972 – 1977
Executive Bilingual Secretary & Freshman 9th High School

Lomas High School (private American High School) 1978 – 1981

Certifications by the University of Cambridge .
English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
Certificate of Advanced English (CAE)

Living abroad
Aarhus, Denmark (1 month) 1987
Edinburgh, Scotland(1 month) 1987
Granada Hills, CA (6 months) 1998
Aspen, CO (2 years) 1999-2000

Other Languages: French, Italian

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