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Invests in Real Estate Queretaro Mexico

Why Querétaro?
"The only region in Mexico with global investment grade"
Standard & Poors

Investment level higher than most municipalities in Mexico.

fDi Intelligence (Foreign direct investment): 2nd place
Business Friendliness? City in America (2017).
Overall Latin American cities? Of the future (2017).

First state in? Country to obtain? An investment grade rating.

* Connected to the US through the NAFTA Highway plus access to 4 Pacific and Atlantic Ocean ports.?
* More than 45 million inhabitants within 350 km radius
* High Quality of Life
* 4th place? Human Capital? & Lifestyle
* 3rd place Security Perception? Nationwide NEGI 2015
* UNESCO? World Heritage Site

Queretaro is among the first five areas of the country with the highest growth in real estate activity, along with Mexico City, Monterrey, Riviera Maya and Los Cabos. The demand for housing in Querétaro is driven by its economic, tourist and industrial activity, which in turn attracts migration from Mexico City, due to its proximity and climate.

The state has had support from the state and municipal governments to approve the Law that Regulates Agents and Real Estate Companies, which also pays for the growth of activity and the development of this sector. "Querétaro leads the real estate market sector, has a strategic position, geographically speaking; we have here the industrial parks, the subject of the automotive industry, the tourist subject ". In addition, the state has stable prices for real estate commercialization and lower prices than those offered in Mexico City and Nuevo León.

BBVA Compas Credit to Queretaro Mexico Available.

Projection and surplus value in the new Querétaro: Piedmont District, a mixed-use complex designed to integrate executive, residential and commercial projects, in buildings with different investment modalities and panoramic views of one of the cities with the best quality of life in the country . With integral offices and modern housing complexes, the Piedmont District is a space where residential, business, educational and commercial developments come together in one of the most exclusive environments of Querétaro.

Being part of Nouvalia® means having every detail ready to undertake, generate surplus value, have a safe and efficient place. The project is located in an environment with ecological commitment, which guarantees well-being. It has nine levels of executive offices and two levels of commerce with terraces. The building is integrated in an organic way with the surroundings, giving a clean landscape with great presence.
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