¿Quieres perfeccionar tu español? (Mexico City (Zona Metropolitana))

Spanish lessons and tutoring available!

Over 7 years of experience with students of all levels, different learning needs and interests, as well as various nationalities and ages. I have also worked with international agencies, which has allowed me to collaborate with corporate level professionals, academics and overall, excellent students.

My teaching philosophy is based on adapting to the student's goals, preferences and personal intake and approach to the Spanish language; I really pay special attention while selecting and/or designing specific material for each of my students. So if you choose so, the topic of the class can be directed to selected subjects such as Culture, Politics, Cuisine, Arts, Biology, Businesses, Dialects and Folklore, to name a few (you name it and I'll research it, because I myself love learning). I teach under this philosophy while maintaining the focus on both acquiring knowledge and developing skills for the four main language competences: speaking, hearing, writing and reading. Classic and proven language learning methods are also brought to the table.

Little more about me.

-From northern Mexico. 28 years old, native spanish speaker.
-College education: Sciences of Communication.
-Linguistics and languages enthusiast.
-100% fluent in english, conversational french (Oui!) and italian.
-Multidisciplinary professional dedicated mainly to the Education and Travel & Hospitality industries.
-References available.

About the lessons.

-They can be arranged to take place at a restaurant, park or coffee place (I have my favorite cafés, starbucks is always an option).
-Lessons can also be in your place or mine: I can travel or host.
-Material is provided: books, working sheets, paper and pencil, didactic tools or even crayons if needed.
-Flexibility with schedules: lessons from between 1:00 and 2:00 hours, one to three times a week are recommended.
-Flexibility with pricing: considering the total amount of lessons and payment method.
-Minimum of one trial class must be agreed upon prior meeting (I book up!).

Thank you so much for all of your attention. Drop me a line or two (en inglés o en español) for contact details and of course to arrange a lesson.

Salvador Leggs.
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