Online Spanish lessons with a highly qualified teacher! (Ciudad de México)

I´m a Spanish teacher. I can help you with the four foundational skills of language learning: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Contact me and I can prepare a specific program according to your needs. All the lessons are personalized. This is better to have fast results. My method is based on the student´s context, needs, and proficiency. I have had students from beginner to advance. They are from Jamaica, the United States, England, Sweden, Canada, Brazil, Denmark, Japan, Poland, the Netherlands, Germany, and Vietnam.

1. Flexible Schedule that suits your time.
2. Business Spanish course.
3. Personalized materials.
4. Personalized classes.
5. Pronunciation training.
6. Preparation for job interviews or for the application process for universities.
7. Preparation for Spanish exams (DELE)
8. Discounts for packages.
9. Highly qualified teacher.
10. Explanations also available in English.

More about me:

Miroslava Rosales received a Master in Spanish American Literature at the University of Guanajuato, Mexico. She´s part of O ISTMO, a Central American research network based in Brazil, and has been an editor of Cuadrivio, a Mexican magazine. She has had a wide experience in such fields as publishing, academic and creative writing.
Her poetry has been published in Nuevas voces femeninas de El Salvador (University of El Salvador Press, 2009), Una madrugada del siglo XXI (2010), Las perlas de la mañana siguiente (2012), Ventanas de libertad (Secretariat for Culture, 2014), The Theatre under my Skin. Contemporary Salvadoran Poetry (Kalina Press, 2014), Resistencia en la tierra. Antología de poesía social y política de nuevos poetas de España y América (Chile: Ocean Sur, 2014), Segundo índice antológico de la poesía salvadoreña (Índole Press/Kalina Press, 2014), and Mujeres que se crean a sí mismas. Antología de mujeres poetas salvadoreñas (Secretariat of Culture, San Salvador, and Valparaíso Press, Spain). Her work has also appeared in literary journals, like Rio Grande Review (University of Texas at El Paso) or Esferas (New York University), in United States, England, Ireland, New Zealand, Morocco, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, and Central America.
Additionally, she has participated in congresses in Spain, Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras, also poetry festival in Mexico, El Salvador, and Nicaragua; as well as published photographs in magazines like Azahares (University of Arkansas-Fort Smith). Latest publication: República del excremento (antología personal mínima) (Palabra de Alto Riesgo Collection, La Chifurnia Press, El Salvador), and Los tiempos del níspero (Cerro del Viento Press, Mexico).
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