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English Course in Mexico DF
Inglés Conversacional

* Course description:

Conversational English

* Teaching approach:

I'm a very kind, dedicated, and patient Teacher. I can help you improve your conversation skills, grammar, and most of all your pronunciation. My Teaching approach is mostly Grammar translation. Because, I'm fluent in Spanish I can communicate with students that are beginning to study English for the first time.
Overall, not matter what level, students will gain more confidence and improve their fluency in English.

* Places where you can take this course:

- Tea house: Starbucks
Plaza Oriente, Canal de Tezontle 1520, Ciudad de Mexico, Mx. 09020

- Coffee shop: Starbucks
Camino Lot, Galerias Pachuca, Pachuca de Soto, Hdg 42083

- Online: Skype

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