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Dear Mexico City,

We are a couple currently residing in a fantastic apartment in Escandón, Miguel Hidalgo, CDMX. The only problem is: we wish we had more outdoor space -- a garden or patio or rooftop or, at the very least, a balcony larger than the one we have a present. That, plus we have lived in this apartment for six years, and while we know we have fabulous neighbors and a really cool colonia, we miss the excitement of moving, setting up house in a new-to-us space, all of that.

This is why: we are wondering if you might have an apartment/flat/piso you want to rent to us. We are:

Him: 40's, Argentine, blues-rock singer-songwriter (a good one), with a supplementary career in film direction, production, photography, and editing.

Her (i.e. me): 40's, American, writer + academic editor with a supplementary career lecturing anthropology courses (online) at a U.S. school of art and design.

Ideally, we are looking for a long-term rental, though we are open to part time options, too. We love the city. We don't intend to leave the city. We just really want to spend more time outside. And so to reiterate: we are looking for a place with a garden/yard or patio or rooftop in/on which we can hang out, eat breakfast, play board games, work from our laptops, things like this.

Also, while we aren't limiting our search to any particular colonia, we do have favorites. Escandón, Chapultepec, and Daniel Garza are probably our top three these days. We also really like San Pedro de los Pinos and del Valle, and while Coyoacan and San Angel feel far away, we could get used to them. But again: we're open minded about the where.

Now related to where, about price: We travel a lot and try, therefore, to spend less than everything we earn on rent. In a perfect world, we're looking for something at about 11,000 MXN per month. (We know, we know, gentrification; but we've lived here for a really long time and that's what prices used to be.) We could get talked into something at about 15,000, if the right place. Above that, we're out of our comfort zone. Also: we promise really great references and a deposit.

Thank you, very sincerely, for reading to here, and please let us know if you think you have a rental that might be a good fit for us? Our moving dates are flexible -- entirely dependent on finding a place we love more than the one we already have.


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