Start today! English Teacher needed for business classes and regular (Start today! English Teacher needed for business classes and)

remuneración: 3,000-10,000
tipo de empleo: opción del empleado

About us:

We are an English school that started 20 years ago with a mission of teaching business executives in a variety of corporations in Mexico the necessary conversation skills that would help them achieve their professional goals in the International Market that is Mexico. In order to accomplish this we have developed a conversational system which helps teachers give our students practice in conversation in a secure, interesting, dynamic and practical way. We pride ourselves in giving specialized attention to both teachers alike by having flexible schedules, continuous feedback and training whenever necessary.

About our teachers:

Teachers giving classes at our school Teach small groups in a professional environment. all the material is given by Administration to the teachers so there is no need to prepare your own material. Since classes are personalized it means that there is a lot of investment on getting to know the students and how to make them improve through conversational activities. People looking to leave a mark in the students learning experience in English are more than welcome to be part of our team. There are also Spanish classes available for all of our teachers at a very inexpensive cost if needed.

About our students:

Our students are business men and women that are looking to improve their conversational skills due to the high demand of English in their workplace. We focus the school's resources to encourage this type of learning and create a personalized program for them. many of our students work in executive positions such as CEOs, General management and middle management alike. Their backgrounds can be in engineering, accounting, Human Resources, law and many other professions in which English has become the main language of communication.

About the classes:
Each class is 1.5 hours and normally meets between 2 and 3 times per week. The classes range from an introductory-level up to an advanced speaking level.

Please contact us if you're interested so we can schedule a meeting for more information about our teaching positions.


-Torre Mayor (on Reforma Avenue | 10 minutes away from US Embassy)
-Del Valle
-Villa Coapa
  • Solo empresas. Si eres un intermediario, por favor, no contactes al anunciante.
  • NO contactarnos por servicios u ofertas no solicitados

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