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HP cartridges Ink Toner (Chicago)

Why Refilling Is Not A Good Option for Your HP cartridges Ink Toner
Purchasing band new HP cartridges Ink Toner makes no sense because refilling the cartridges costs half of the price of new cartridges. But yes, refilling cartridges have risks associated with even if you take it for a refill at a professional refilling store. And, if you try to refill the cartridge all by yourself, then may end up overfilling the cartridge that can cause serious damage to your printer. So, it’s time to know about the cons of refilling a cartridge.
Disadvantages of Refilling HP Cartridges Ink Toner
1.) Damaging the Printer: Refilling your Hp cartridges Ink or Toner may result into leakage and clogging the printer head. And, if because of refilling your printer gets damaged, then the warranty on the printer also gets void.
2.) Printer Error: If an OEM cartridge has been refilled or you are using a remanufactured cartridge, then there are high chances of your printer rejecting to read the cartridge either due to wearing and tearing of the cartridge or wearing of the memory chip on the cartridge.
3.) Quality of Ink: The quality of ink or toner in the refilled HP cartridges Ink Toner is of very low quality.


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